More than 200 buildings are owned or occupied by Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU limits access to all university-owned and leased buildings and space to authorized persons for authorized purposes for the safety and security of the VCU community. 

Employees and students can swipe their VCUCard, the universal campus identification card, into readers at designated building entrances. A magnetic card reader identifies users and allows the encoded reader to open the door only to individuals with proper authority. The Emergency Communications Center monitors these readers.

Access Control is a crime prevention method whereby occupants of a building are directed to only use specified entrances and exits at any given time. Access Control Systems can electronically lock and unlock buildings remotely, generate and monitor alarms, and allow authorized individuals to enter buildings after-hours using an ID card instead of a key.

Building Access Control is managed by Campus Card Services for the Virginia Commonwealth University. Campus Card Services provides Building Access to all door access and security needs including, but not limited to, installing and troubleshooting access control equipment, activating or deactivating patron access to buildings and updating lock or unlocking schedules.

VCU Health Building Access Control is managed by Safety & Security