Mobile Reader

The Mobile Reader is a user application available to VCU departments and student organizations to accept RamBucks payments or track attendance at an event.

Payment Gateway

The Mobile Reader app allows departments to accept RamBucks, Meal Swipes, or Dining Dollars as a method of payment for goods and services. When a customer uses their Campus Card or phone, the app utilizes our system to quickly process the transaction.

Attendance Monitoring

The Mobile Reader app allows departments to record attendees at their events. When an attendee uses their Campus Card or phone to record their attendance, the app utilizes our system to gather relevant data recorded at the time-stamped event.

How It Works

The Mobile Reader app is downloaded to an Apple device. The device connects to a card reader, which is used to register the cardholder's information and complete the transaction. A cardholder can initiate the transaction in one of two ways:

  • Swipe or tap their Campus Card
  • Show their Mobile ID

Compatible Devices

The Mobile Reader can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Stores to any mobile device. For swiping capabilities, Campus Card Services only supports Apple devices with an 8-pin Lightning port.

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