There will be no debits to your account for anything other than the transactions authorized by your Campus Card. Refunds are subject to the restrictions applicable to those accounts and are given only to the cardholder.

Deposit Reversal Requests

Unused RamBucks deposits submitted through GET Mobile can be reversed within 14 calendar days. 

Refund Instructions

    Account Balance Refund Request

    The entire balance of a RamBucks account can be refunded to the cardholder at any time, for any reason.

    Refund Instructions

      Important Policies

      • If an account has been inactive for a period of 2 years or longer, the remaining RamBucks funds are subject to the Dormant Account RamBucks Policy.
      • If the use of the cardholder's account resulted in fraudulent activity, any funds will be subject to the Fraudulent Activities Policy.
      • Refunds may also be reduced by other departments who have imposed a debt-set-off or other collections program.
      Transaction Refunds

      Any requests for financial adjustments resulting from a transaction error at any on or off-campus location must be processed using the transaction method used initially. Please return to the merchant or vendor where you made the original purchase to request a refund.

      RamsLaundry Refunds

      Refunds are NOT provided for RamsLaundry. When your account balance reaches the minimum threshold your funds will automatically replenish.

      Vending Machine Refunds

      VCU Dining Services manages Pepsi and Canteen vending machine refunds.

      Meal Plan & Dining Dollars Refunds

      VCU Dining Services manages Meal Plan and Dining Dollars refunds.

      Online Access

      Download the GET Mobile App or visit for quick access to your RamBucks account and transaction history.