RamBucks Refunds

There will be no debits to your account for anything other than the transactions authorized by your Campus Card. Refunds are subject to the restrictions applicable to those accounts and are given only to the cardholder.

Important Policies
  • If an account has been inactive for a period of 2 years or longer, the remaining RamBucks funds are subject to the Dormant Account RamBucks Policy.
  • If the use of the cardholder's account resulted in fraudulent activity, any available RamBucks funds will be subject to the Fraudulent Activities Policy.
  • Refunds may also be reduced by a department debt-set-off or other collections programs.

Account Balance Refunds

The entire balance of a RamBucks account can be refunded to the cardholder at any time, for any reason. A $5.00 processing fee will be deducted from the account balance before issuing the refund. Refunds are typically issued within 2-6 weeks in the form of a check unless a direct deposit agreement has been established (i.e., for financial aid disbursements, VCU employment wages, etc.). A Social Security Number is also required for IRS 1099 tax purposes.

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Online Access

Download the GET Mobile App or visit myVCUcard.com for quick access to your RamBucks account and transaction history.