New Merchants

RamBucks is a pre-paid, stored-value account, that is accessible by a VCU Campus Card cardholder. With no transaction fees or minimum balances, it can only be used to purchase goods and services around campus at participating locations.

Program Benefits 

  • Participate in summer marketing opportunities for New Student Orientation
  • Merchants are featured in our GET Mobile app, which customers use to find RamBucks locations within close proximity to their current location.
  • We'll share your Social Media posts or your RamBucks coupons/promos or other specials with the VCU community

How to Join the Program

Merchants near the VCU campus with heavy VCU foot traffic have more success in our program.

  • Submit a Merchant Interest Form
  • The application will be reviewed by Campus Card Services staff
  • If approved, our third-party vendor will send a Merchant Services Agreement
  • Review the agreement and determine if it is feasible for your business